In light of the evolving updates about COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of our supporters and guests, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the Para Los Niños 40th Anniversary Benefit. We’ll be sure to update our community when a new date is confirmed.

Now more than ever, we can’t wait to see all our committed supporters and celebrate our impact over the years, and recent days.

For more information on the event and how you can still support us, 
Contact Christina Bragg at

You can still support our children and families today!

Consider sending in your sponsorship pledge-payment early, or make a donation below.
Every dollar we receive during this unprecedented time is critical to us continuing to provide education and resources to those most in need.

Event Chairs, Tina and Rick Caruso,
along with their children Alex, Gregory, Justin, and Gianna
and the Para Los Niños Board of Directors
invite you to,

the Para Los Niños 40th Anniversary Dinner
at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel

A D R I A  &  P E D R O  M A R T I
Caruso Family Award

U N I T E D  I N  H A R M O N Y  –  C A M P  H A R M O N Y
Community Partner of the Year


Lorraine Prieto Berchtold

Alex Caruso

Susan Edelman

Drew Furedi

Cathy Hession

Don Katz

Marjorie Lewis

Josh Ludmir

Ronnie Roy

Cindy Winebaum